First, allow me to welcome and congratulate you for being admitted at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. You are now a member of the challenging community of PUP. Isa ka na ring “Astig na Scholar.”


I am sure that you will miss your high school years, but as a senior student of the university, I am confident to say that PUP is worth staying for; although it lacks some educational facilities, the community as a whole, for many decades of its existence, has always been supportive to its students. You will discover it as you go on with your college years in the university.

As you well know, for us to enroll and study in this university, we should pay lesser amount of fees compared to the students in private university. As it should, the government is subsidizing our educational needs. The budget allotted to us comes from the taxes collected by the government from the Filipino people. In a way, the Filipino people through the government are helping us to reach our ambition of better life by providing us with free and quality education. That makes us “Astig na Scholar.”

The only way that we could repay them is to recognize their efforts by studying and making ourselves well educated and trained. You might say that studying and learning has many definitions and ways, but the most responsible is attending our classes and doing our requirements.

Of course I know that learning is not confined in the four corners of the classroom but may I suggest that give yourself an ample time to adjust before committing for any activities outside your classes.

Upon adjustments, please bear in mind that we are part of the community; everything on it, one way, or another might affect us. Thus, it is important that you are aware of the ins and outs of the university especially the services it provides. You may visit PUP website for it.

Nevertheless, let me give you one. PUP offers several student organizations (university accredited) that provide leadership development activities for the students. However, may I advise you to be critical in selecting groups that may influence you. Ponder on what is being proactive from being destructive.

Lastly, to give you an in-depth orientation concerning the university and its environment, allow my group, the KILOS PUPian, to provide you with information important to your survival in PUP. Please visit the following links.

Survival kit para sa mga “Astig na Scholars”
Roaming around PUP
Drop by to meet the University Officials
Know your duties and responsibilities

PUP Website
PUPians, Astig Maging Iba!

You are one-step higher and closer to success. Have a colorful and challenging college life ahead of you in PUP.

Annalyn Bandagosa
Kilos President