Kilos PUPian, Oras Natin To!

KILOS is one of the many student organizations in PUP. Its main objective is to provide the students with leadership development activities that could be useful to them.

The group believes that PUPian could only face the challenges outside the university if we consider skills development as part of the students’ training. This would be done by providing them with proper trainings that is constructive, rational, and responsible; moving away from the practices of “destructive activists” in the university.



KILOS is also a student political party aiming for a transparent, effective and responsive student government. We are calling for a student government that:

Our Mission Statement

I. Academic Excellence


Cultivate a culture of Academic Excellence within our institution through/by:

Students’ evaluation of the faculty members;

Encouragement of the students to bring out the PUP identity;

Balancing effective leadership and academic excellence;

Involvement of the Central Student Council in various academic contests in and out of the university;

Establishment of means to generate more books and other tools for learning in the PUP NALRC;

Recognition and assistance to students who excel in sports;

Boosting students’ interests in the research and development capabilities of the university

II. Central Student Council


Call for a transparent, effective, and responsive student government.

Publish annual accomplishment reports and financial statements for the operating costs of each project of the CSC using the official student publication;

Establish means in which students are able to view, observe and participate the meetings of the Central Student Council Assembly (e.g. consultative forums, pulong mag-aaral etc.);

Evaluate and institute reforms on the mandate and performance of the officers of the student organs (COSOA, COA, COMELEC);

Create connections with the student councils and organizations of other colleges and universities;

Provide means of communication to make officers available 24/7 to the students (e.g. txt messages, friendster, blogs etc.)


III. Students’ Interest


Act immediately upon the problems faced by the students through/by:

Organizing student volunteers to facilitate the students during the enrollment period;

Updating the PUP community of every upcoming activities, projects of the CSC through College Councils;

Establish peer college facilitators to motivate the students regarding their interests and potentials;

Promoting equal opportunities for the students to use the facilities of the university (ICT center, sports facilities, clinic, laboratories, university vehicles, audio-visual facilities and others);

Recommend for the pursuant of an electronic ID system for security purposes;

Call for a revision of provisions in the handbook that are no longer applicable to the changing needs of the students.