Why blogging really matters?

The emergence of blogs or online journals in the Philippines is rapidly becoming widespread as it is in other parts of the world. Its importance and impact is being felt at its greatest extent in the so-called “online community” and can be seen through the increasing numbers of blogs being managed by Filipinos. Undeniably, the Philippines has again recognized a new and interactive tool of promoting freedom of expression.

However, the Philippine “online community” we are referring to is rather small when compared to the bigger part of the population illiterate of online technology. Access to the internet is invariably present in urban communities but only few people are utilizing it much in depressed areas wherein development is nowhere to be found. Therefore, those who have access to the internet should learn how to utilize it effectively.

pc.jpgThree of the most well defined features of access to internet are information, communication, and interaction – these are found in blogging.

Traditionally, we used to acquire up-to-date information from media, be it newspaper, television, radio, or online news. However, with the existence of weblogs, new sources of information are coming out provided outside of media groups, by people who write and have enough knowledge in managing a blog. Creation of new blog means additional information accessible to all.

Blogging widens the opportunity of everyone in expressing ideas, through debates, discussions and understanding the opinion of others. In other words, a weblog helps us communicate ourselves and later on maintain a substantial discussion on various issues confronting our lives, be it personal, social, economic, or political matter.


Through blogging we also practice our writing and eventually professionalize it. At first, we are interested in writing our stories, and then we feature other’s lives in our blog. We “blog hop”, leave our comments to their posts and wait for their responses and then we respond back. We also give our opinions on controversial issues of the day in our country, which we usually are not interested in because of lack of opportunity. Nevertheless, because of blogging all are possible and even encouraging, and so we write a commentary and we argue for it. We write and respond to other’s writing – that is what we do in blogging.


Having these benefits, we should encourage others especially young Filipinos to consider this strategic alternative of freedom of expression – we should educate others on the importance and specifics of blogging. I think that is one of the many responsibilities of a blogger. And yes blogging matters. Why? Create your own blog and ask yourself why.


Empower Yourself, Blog now!

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by: Mr. Eric Caliboso