The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is a government educational institution governed by Republic Act Number 8292 known as the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations contained in the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Circular No. 4, series 1997. PUP is one of the country’s highly competent educational institutions. The PUP Community is composed of the Board of Regents, University Officials, Administrative and Academic Personnel, Students, various Organizations, and the Alumni. (More on PUP website)



The history of PUP may well parallel the nation’s growth and development. As it met the needs of a fledgling Philippine civil service under American rule forged from anvil of Spanish colonialism, so will it serve the rising expectations of the people in the 21st century…desirous now of reclaiming their rightful place in the community of independent nations. As it has withstood the test of time, so will it continue to pace contemporary Philippine history.

Here are the highlights of its growth from a mere business school with an itinerant existence to the country’s largest state university.Click upon the timeline link provided below to proceed with the specific part of the PUP history timeline. (More)



The mission of PUP in the 21st Century is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive and global education and community services accessible to all students, Filipinos and foreigners alike.

It shall offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that are responsive to the changing needs of the students to enable them to lead productive and meaningful lives. (More)



Reflective of the great emphasis being given by the country’s leadership aimed at providing appropriate attention to the alleviation of the plight of the poor, the development of the citizens, and of the national economy to become globally competitive, the University shall commit its academic resources and manpower to achieve its goals through: (More)



Leadership – PUP is the largest state university in the country in terms of student population with scores of branches, study centers, and linkages with cooperating state-owned and private schools/agencies around the Philippines. Thus, PUP’s paramount concern is to integrate and orchestrate its various components/instruments into a harmonious whole. (More)—————————-

PUP Logo


The star in the logo stands for the perfection of the human person as well as the search for truth, while the five concentric circles depict infinite wisdom.

Both the five-pointed star and the five concentric circles stand for quintessence, meaning the highest form of quality or the most perfect example of creation. (More)———————-


BOARD OF REGENTSHon. Carlito S. Puno – Chairman
Chairman, Commission on Higher Education

Hon. Dante G. Guevarra – Vice Chair
Acting President, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

(More on PUP website)——————————————–


The Main Building inside the A. Mabini Campus

A. Mabini Campus
This is the main campus of the University located in Sta. Mesa, Manila. In this campus are the offices of the University Officials, Ninoy Aquino Learning Resources Center, PUP Gym and open courts, PUP Grandstand and Oval, Mabini Shrine, Lagoon, Laboratory High School, Interfaith Chapel, Student Development Center, the Amphitheater, and various academic program office. (More)


The PUP Student Handbook

The student handbook is specifically intended for the young men and women of our country who are desirous to acquire polytechnical education offered by our University.

The handbook contains items of interest under such generic headings as general directives, social norms, registration and academic loading, students’ classification, course completion, graduation requirements, schedule of fees and payments, scholarship and financial aid, university disciplinary measures, student services and facilities, student organizations, policies on campus publications, policies on religious affairs, and other relevant materials. (More on PUP website)

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