Prepared by Arlene Concepcion (Political Science Graduate)

What is the mode of payment of tuition fees and miscellaneous fees?


– Upon enrollment the student may pay the full tuition fee or 50% of the total amount
– During the midterm examination period, student’s with partial payment should pay the another 25% of the tuition fee
– And the remaining 25% should be paid during the final examination period

When are you considered officially enrolled?

– When you have paid the tuition whether full or partial
– When the official receipt of payment has been validated
– When the fully accomplished registration certificate and other requirements are submitted to the Admission/Registration Office
– When the “Copy of Student” portion of the registration card has been stamped Registered and initialed by the receiving clerk

How many units may you enroll every semester?

– It depends on your course curriculum. You may ask your department chairpersonabout it. But here are some of the details.


– One academic unit is equivalent of at least 17 lecture or laboratory hours and no undergraduate student shall take more than the number of units specified under his curriculum

– Only graduating students and academically outstanding students certified by the DEAN are allowed to take more than the specified number of units under his curriculum

– During summer, only 6 units are allowed to be taken by the students, but the DEAN may allow students to take 9 units

How may a student be considered as absent from class?

– The time or days caused by late enrollment
– Students are considered absent if he arrives after:

: 60 minutes for a 3 hour class
: 30 minutes for 1 hour and 30 minutes class
: 20 minutes for 1 hour class

– Students who arrive during the first third fraction of the scheduled class time will be considered late or tardy
– Three incidences of tardiness will constitute one absence
– Students with illness can be excused from class if he submitted medical certificate
– Students who have function or affairs as representative of the University shall be excused if the University authorized the student by writing
– Students may seek excuse slip in the Guidance and Counseling Office if the faculty concerned required so.
– Three consecutive unexcused absences shall be reported to the Guidance and Counseling Office to notify the student and the Parents/Guardian
– Student whose absence constitute to at least 20% of the hours of recitation, lecture, laboratory and any other scheduled work in one subject for the semester shall be automatically dropped from the class.

What is the grading system in the university?

Students shall be graded according to this grading system:


Grades Percentage

1.0 97-100
1.25 94-96

1.5 91-93
1.75 88-90
2.0 85-87
2.25 82-84
2.5 79-81
2.75 76-78
3.0 75
4.0 65-74

– The grade of “4” is conditional and shall only be given during the midterm grading period and no final grade of “4” shall be given
– INC is temporarily given to a student who may qualify for passing but had not complied with the requirements. The requirements must be satisfied within one year from the end of the term otherwise, the grade will automatically becomes a “5”
– Withdraw will be given to students who voluntarily drop the subject. But it may also be given by the faculty member who drops the student from his roll for having exceeded the allowable number of absences.

When can the examination for the removal of grades of incomplete be taken?

– No additional fee shall be paid for the removal of grades of incomplete if the regular examination period where the subject is included in the schedule of examination and during the regular removal period within ten days before the registration period
– Removal exam may also be taken at other times of the DEAN or College Chairperson after payment of the corresponding fee.

Who shall be recommended as graduate with honors?

Those who have weighted average of:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE – 1.19-1.00

MAGNA CUM LAUDE – 1.44-1.20

CUM LAUDE – 1.75-1.45

What are the guidelines on graduation with honors?

– Only finals grades shall be computed for the general average
– Grades in all accredited academic subjects in the curriculum shall be computed

Candidates for graduation with honors must:

– Have carried the normal load prescribed in his curriculum
– Have completed in the University at least 75% of the total number of the academic units or hours required for graduation
– Have been in residence at least three years prior the date of graduation
– Have no final grade lower that 2.5 or Incomplete in any academic subjects
– Have no final grade of “5” in any of his academic or non-academic subjects prescribed in his curriculum
– Have not repeated a subject in other educational institution

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