Jonas Adriene D. Bayani

BBA – MN I – 2

v President: Earth Saver’s Movement

v 1st year coordinator: Federation of Management Officers (FMCO)

v Sports Editor: Business Torch

v R & D staff: Junior Management Society

v Handmimer: Red Cross Rizal Chapter


Ø 2nd Honorable Mention: Francisco P. Felix National Highschool (Rizal)

Ø 1st place Sports Writing: Division School Press Conference

Ø 1st Place: Individual Broadcasting Competition

Ø Anchor: Rizal Radio Broadcasting Team (RSPC)

Frank Angelo R. Babiera

BBA – MN I – 3

v Vice President: Sta. Perpetual Youth Charismatic Ministry

v Member: Parish Youth Ministry


Ø 1st Honorable Mention (S. Y. 2002 – 03)

Dariel R. Latoza

BBA – MN I – 4

v Staff: Junior Management Society Public Affairs

v Member: Federation of Management