“I can live, I can love
I can touch the heaven above
I can write what is wrong
I can sing just any song.”
— from the song

           So, you like the song? Well, you’re not the only one. Rachelle likes it, too. She even cheerfully relates, “This song gives me hope.”

           Rachelle is definitely a talented young woman. She could sing and even write. In fact, when she was in high school, Rachelle was the Editor-in-Chief of her school student paper. Later on, in College, she placed 3rd in the Division Editorial writing contest.  Currently, Rachelle is a sophomore student of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in the Marketing.

           Rachelle is a firm believer that, “If there’s a way, there’s a will.” She is a determined young woman, who knows what she wants, a trait that makes her a very decisive leader.

           ”I like Oprah Winfrey’s style of leadership,” Rachelle said. “She is kind-hearted. She had helped so many people especially in Africa. And I like the thought that even though she came from a poor family, she succeeded in reaching where she is now – at the top.”

           Well, Rachelle could definitely reach the top – she’s determined, firm and decisive. She easily fits what we need from a student leader.