Akhene Reyes Rongavilla started his service to the college as 2nd year representative of the Political Science Society. Currently he is one of the councilors of the CEFP Student Council. Aside from his responsibilities in the council, he is also a master debater for the School of Debaters and an active member of the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI-PUP Chapter).

His icon for leadership is Ferdinand Marcos. Though he may be a dictator for some but for him, he is a great leader to be admired.

Talking about light stuff about him, Akhene believes that “tough men wear pink” because for him it symbolizes cleanliness. He admired Maricel Soriano because of her versatility as an actress. During spare time, he likes watching informative programs from the National Geographic channel and the Animal Planet. He is also fond of watching game shows, travel oriented shows, international news and sports channel.

Akhene is very determined to get the top post in the college, not as part of his personal ambition but as a continuance of the legacy of Kilos party and its progressive-minded leaders. “This is not my battle, it is OUR battle”, he said. And he is firm on this.