Optimism is one of the virtues of this person. He once said that when it comes to leadership, “the juice is always worth the squeeze”. Mr.Krisjan Marvin Desengaño, a student taking up Bachelor of Banking and Finance is currently the third year representative of JFINEX. This person like any other guy loves to play basketball. Krisjan enjoys some of the gift of technology like surfing the net, texting, listening to alternative music and watching movies.

This man likes the color blue. They say that the color blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. In addition, blue represents loyalty and calmness. Krisjan’s favorite Hollywood actor is Samuel Jackson who appeared in blockbuster movies such as Star Wars and Coach Carter. He admires the versatility of the man. Back here in the Philippines, our JFINEX third year representative is fond of the multitalented Michael “bitoy” V with his humorous impersonation of different personalities. Girl Next Door and Wicker Park were some of his favorite flicks.Krisjan listens to River Maya, because he can easily relate to their songs.

Certified home buddy, this man loves to cook Pinoy dishes like “tinola” and chicken adobo. Once in his life he had this funny experience which eventually became his most embarrassing moment, it was when he mistakenly ride in a vehicle and noticed that everyone was weeping, and suddenly realized that he was in a funeral service vehicle.

The future Vice President of the CEFP looks up to Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay.’I was fascinated of how he turned the former undeveloped Makati into the Central Business District of the country”, he said.

A man who believes that “Life is like a sandwich, the more you add something to it, the better it become”, Krisjan Marvin Desengaño.