When asked what her motto is, Ate Roslyn quoted this verse from Philippians, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She then adds, “Everything happens for a reason.” Maybe, she’s thinking of her early motherhood. Yes, she’s a mother, and she has no regrets. Ate Roslyn recalls that being a mother and a student at the same time is very demanding. Nevertheless, it did not stop her from pursuing her course in Accountancy. She’s in her third year now.

Ate Roslyn still manages to fit in extra-curricular in between. It’s amazing. She was VP for External of SFC and Auditor of KALIPI-PUP. She is also a councilor in COA Student Council. However, she did not stop there. She strongly believes that “a leader’s purpose is to create more leaders not to create more followers.” Indeed, Ate Roslyn had participated in numerous leadership camps and seminars within and outside PUP.

However, despite her early encounter with the realities of life, Ate Roslyn still crave for chocolates! It’s her favorite food. “I’m such a chocoholic.” When asked why, she cleverly replies, “Who do not like chocolates?”

Her favorite Hollywood actress is Julia Roberts. “I just really like her. She gives very good performances in all her movies that she played. Laging may kilig factor!”

Violet is Ate Roslyn’s favorite color. Well, she simply says it’s the color of passion, and even loyalty. “It’s also the color I’m known for – Madam Violet”, she adds.

Some of the songs she listens to are Warrior is A Child, Take Me Out of the Dark, and Bad Day.

She goes on relating her views about life and school. “The knowledge I may acquire during my school days will help me find a good job but the wisdom, experience and development as a person will not only benefit me personally but also the people who are with me now and I will know in the future.”

In the up-coming PUP student election, Ate Roslyn is vying to be the Vice-President of the Central Student Council. She has the strength to voice out the student’s complaints and act on them.