Rap!” Don’t expect a Nelly look-alike, sporting blings and mouthing rhymes, to turn around and look back. We’re talking about future architect Rachelle Ann Pineda or Rap as her friends would fondly call her. But don’t get me wrong — she’s one tough woman I know. A taekwondo player in her junior high years, Rap was also a member of Red Cross Youth–RHS Council. She jams with Youth Jam, rocks with Youth For Christ (YFC) and even worshipped with Seeds of the Nations (SONs).

She’s very thankful when she passed the PUPCET; she even considers it as an achievement.

Talk about being romantic in this season of hearts. Rap believes that love “is a thing that goes on forever.” And the same goes to her “loves”: playing chess, computer games & arcades & word factory. She’s also into arts — she can sketch and draw. “It’s my passion”, Rap said.

Rap likes watching informative TV programs – that tackles different issues in our society, and her favorites are Mike Enriquez’ Imbestigador and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Rap also likes to watch funny characters on TV, and one of it is Doraemon.

Grow Old with You, High, and On Bended Knees are some of the love songs RAP listens. And talking about her favorite subject, guess what? It’s Mathematics. According to her, she loves math even in her grade school.

Right now, Rap is running for the student council election under the banner of KILOS! PUP Party. She definitely deserves the PUPian Vote. She promises a new brand of leadership—dynamic and dedicated to the welfare of the entire studentry.