“If you command wisely, you’ll be observed cheerfully.” says Thomas Fuller. Mart Gerwin H. Florendo is one practitioner of this simple quotation.

Gerwin is a current councilor of the COABTE student council. He is an active member of FBTO, COLC, KALIPI-PUP and COABTE Pep Squad.

He believes that a leader must act according to the guidance of God, to do what is right and to follow rules and regulation to effectively lead. He also agrees with Raul Roco’s style of leadership. According to him Roco would be the best President of the Philippines should he has given the chance to do so.

 When asked about his favorite subject, Gerwin kindly replied, “Math.” He manages to understand principles, methods and formulas of mathematics easily.

His favorite dish is chopsuey, not that he is ‘super’ health conscious, but he simply loves vegetables.

With the support of Kilos! PUP Party, Gerwin is running as a councilor in the Central Student Council election. He is smart, and he has the talent to lead, and bring the much-needed reform in our university’s student council.