“The Patriot”, Jonas readily answered when asked about his favorite movie. “It’s a movie that can inspire anyone, because of its message about patriotism, he said.

Jonas is a freshman student of Management. He studied in Cainta Elementary School, where he graduated with flying colors – 4th honorable mention. He spent his secondary education in Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School, where he graduated 2nd honorable mention. But he’s one cool geek. He plays basketball (in fact, it is one of his favorite pastime) and was even a badminton varsity player. And speaking of sports, he does more than play – he writes about it. Jonas won 1st place on Sports Writing in Rizal Division School Press Conference, and now he takes helm as Sports Editor in the College of Business student publication, Business Torch. He also served as an anchor in Rizal Radio Broadcasting Team.

In addition, Jonas is also the President of Earth Saver’s Movement, a pro-environment student organization here in our university. He is a freshman coordinator in the Federation of Management Class. However, that is not surprising at all. Jonas served as a peace officer in the Supreme Student Government in high school and then he was named Model Captain in C. A.T.

He takes our National hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, for a leader-model. Jonas explained, “…because he’s more of a silent type leader. He uses his brain rather than his body. A leader should think first. Listen, think, so you can understand. Then you can act properly. That’s Jose Rizal.” Wow, as if we’re hearing these from Rizal himself.

So there you have it. He got looks. He got brains. He got the will and determination a leader should posses. Jonas Adrianne P. Bayani maybe a freshman, but he’s definitely up to the challenge of leading us to progress! What more could we ask for?